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The Birth Of Bondi Rise

Welcome to Bondi Rise, a boutique Pilates studio inspired by the serene sunrises and vibrant energy of Bondi Beach. Our founder, Lottie, wanted to capture the feeling of endless opportunity, excitement, and mindfulness that comes with watching the sea at sunrise. Here, we create a sanctuary for those with busy lives to find calm, to transform their bodies and minds, and to seize the day. With over 75 classes a week, we cater to all abilities, focusing on mindfulness, breath, and the connection between mind and body. Come experience that unique “Bondi” feeling with us.

Meet Lottie

Lottie started Bondi Rise Pilates with a vision to connect people from around the globe through the power of movement. Driven by her passion for exercise and the transformative effects of Pilates, she created an online Pilates platform to give everyone access to high-quality, effective workouts anywhere, anytime. And in 2023 opened up the first Bondi Rise Studio in East Molesey.

Lottie has always been passionate about movement and exercise. When she first got introduced to Pilates, she quickly realized how these movements could transform both the body and mind. Experiencing the benefits firsthand motivated her to complete her Pilates training and share this love and passion with others. Join Lottie and the Bondi Rise community to experience the unique energy and opportunity that Pilates offers.

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If you're going to rise, you might as well shine.


"I can't wait to share a slice of Bondi with you and I hope Bondi Rise becomes your own little sanctuary.

"My dream is to create a space where movement meets mindfulness, both online and in our East Molesey studio. And to create a community that starts from a love of pilates, but is so much more!"

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