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Bondi Rise gives you the ability to workout anytime, anywhere.

Our specialised classes and programs will empower your body and mind, leaving you feeling lengthened, toned, stronger and inspired.

Our Signature Pilates Sculpt Class

Pilates Sculpt provides a whole-body transformative work-out. It tones, lengthens and sculpts your muscles, whilst focusing on your core and relieving any physical tension. Get ready to feel muscles you didn’t know you had, whilst having fun along the way.

Bondi Rise Online Library

With over 120 videos, there are Pilates sculpt classes available to everyone. Whether you lead a busy life and are looking for a short, sharp video or you want to purely focus on specific muscle group, Bondi Rise allows you to create a sustainable and healthy relationship with exercise, making time for you, your body and your mat.

If you're going to rise, you might as well shine.

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Meet Lottie

Lottie started the idea of Bondi Rise Pilates wanting to connect people from around the globe through movement. By creating an online Pilates platform she wants to give everyone access to high-quality, effective workouts anywhere, anytime. 

Lottie has always been passionate about movement and exercise. When she first got introduced to Pilates, she soon realised how these movements could transform your body and mind.

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